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Past Investment Performance

The author of Lawton on Markets has a prize winning 30 year investment track record.


Lawton produced 25%+ average annual returns over 30 years with limited downside volatility (29 out of 30 years positive) at institutional asset management companies. (See the Lawton 30 Year Performance Study below.)

His record is fixed income centric, but he also demonstrated mastery of derivatives, mortgages, real estate, global investing, foreign exchange, private equity, convertibles and equities. 

(Please see the performance footnotes attached and below.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.)

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A comprehensive return on capital study on Lawton prepared for the Government of Malaysia.  

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Top China IPO

Lawton's China PE fund produced one of the most successful IPO's ever in China.  

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10 Year HFR Fund Performance

HFR selected Lawton and his fund to be part of the HFR Index for hedge funds.  

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Private Equity Performance

Lawton's PE firm has taken 10 companies public and produced excellent returns. 

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