Below you will find a sampling of Lawton's investment research and market commentary. 

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    A short piece about William Lawton's insights on what could happen in the Asian Markets.

    Whats next for the Asian Markets
  • ASEAN Summit.jpeg

    A thought-piece of some takeaways from the 2016 ASEAN-US summit in Laos.

    ASEAN Summit Highlights
  • Drobny Global logo.png

    William Lawton's reasoning why those who are pessimistic about SINO are incorrectly negative.

    Sino-Pessimists are Simply Wrong
  • Petronas Towers.jpg

    A look at how Seagate and William Lawton are working to build positive working connections.

    Building Bridges in Malaysia
  • seagate global-icon.jpg

    Some of William Lawton's thoughts on the stock market in the year 2000.

    Stock Market Commentary in 2000
  • The Asian Banker logo.png

    Thoughts on where some opportunities lie in Asia written for The Asian Banker.

    Opportunities in Asia TAB
  • seagate global-icon.jpg

    An article outlining how Lawton foresaw and positioned his company to come out positive in the 1987 crash.

    1987 Stock Market Crash
  • Stock Market Quotes

    An inside look at how Seagate's strategy was implemented on the US Bond market in 1999.

    US Bond Index Plus
  • seagate global-icon.jpg

    An explanation and examination of the self-created Lawton Bond Model.

    Lawton Bond Model
  • seagate global-icon.jpg

    A look back at how the Lawton Bond Model actually performed over a 10 year period.

    10 Year Lawton Bond Model Stats
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    The Lawton Bond was a key factor in a successful prediction of the '94 bond market crash, as examined in this research paper.

    Anatomy of a Bond Market Debacle



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