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Welcome to the Lawton on Markets blog. 


The goal of the Lawton on Markets blog is to help you better harness one of the most powerful forces ever invented, financial markets, to produce higher returns with lower risk in strategies that improve society.

After forty years of wrestling with financial markets in one capacity or another, I have learned a thing or two about how to tame these beasts and will pass that knowledge on to you here. 

You will learn the market secrets that helped me produce average annual returns of over 25% per year for 30 years from 1983-2012 with only one negative year at some of the world’s largest asset management companies and banks as well as my own firm, Seagate Global. 

You will also learn about how I was able to forecast and profit from almost every major financial crisis from the 1987 stock market crash to the 2008 financial crisis when I returned over +17% to my investors, a year when most investment managers produced massive losses.  This knowledge may help you to avoid the next financial crisis.

We will seek to give you an edge by taking you behind the scenes in the halls of power in Asia, such as the People’s Bank of China, Malacanang Palace in The Philippines or the Prime Minister’s Office in Malaysia while providing unique investment ideas and insights.  

Finally, we will talk about investment strategies that help people or improve the environment such as investing in affordable housing or clean energy.


Please join us as a regular reader of Lawton on Markets as we navigate the current unprecedented period of overpriced assets and low interest rates. 

William Lawton Headshot on independent financial blog Lawton on Makets

Message me on social media or fill out the contact form located here.

Mr. William Lawton
Founder and CEO of Seagate Global Group
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