Program of Global Exellence (POGE)

Bill Lawton has built his career in finance based on the idea that financial markets are the most powerful tool available to help people and improve the planet and that returns can be increased by this focus rather than decreased as conventional thinkers posit. 

Lawton is focused on investment strategies that help people such as producing affordable housing or reducing the cost of basic goods, and improving the environment such as solar energy.  

Lawton has designed and is currently implementing Programs of Global Excellence (POGE) in a number of countries.  The programs help to promote sustainable economic development and make the bottom 40% more bankable. 

It starts with the family drafting a business plan, and then the POGE program helps implement the plan. 

The program has served over 150,000 families to date. 

Mr. Lawton speaking at a POGE Conference in Zambales, Philippines.

The previous Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Evasco, speaking at a POGE conference in Bohol, Philippines.

William Lawton in the field with several of the hundreds of families of indigenous people he employed to help clean up the environment in the Philippines. 

William Lawton delivering his comprehensive sustainable economic development plan for Bougainville to President Momis, a pro bono effort.

A launching of the Seagate Global's rice importation program in Bougainville.  (President Momis, center, and Lady Momis, right.)

Seagate Global's POGE program imported rice directly to Bougainville to help lower its cost to hard pressed locals. 

Lawton received a special award from Tsinghua University for outstanding financial markets classes he taught at Tsinghua. 




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