Mr. Lawton is regularly asked to speak on topics related to financial markets.  A selection of some of those speeches are provided below. 

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  • Rotary club logo.png

    Lawton was the keynote speaker at the Manila Rotary Club for their 100th anniversary.

    The Most Powerful Force Ever Invented (Financial Markets)
  • The Asian Banker logo.png

    Lawton selected to speak at Asian Banker Summit about the future of China's currency. 

    RMB Monster Super Cycle
  • Tsinghua University logo.png

    Tsinghua University lecture with ideas on how to internationalize southwest China. 

    Ideas to Internationalize Yunnan Province and Kunming
  • Tsinghua University logo.png

    Tsinghua University lecture on the golden age for investing in China. 

    The Golden Age for Chinese Investing and Ideas on How to Profit
  • Institute of Solidarity logo.png

    Speech on how to attract more foreign investment to the Philippines. 

    Attracting Capital to the Philippines
  • CFA Institute.jpeg

    The CFA Institute taps Lawton to give a speech on lessons, strategies and tactics used by hedge fund managers that could help long only managers.

    Lawton Speech to CFA Institute
  • milken-institute-logo.jpg

    Lawton asked to "Decipher Asian Debt Markets" at the Milken annual conference.

    Milken Institute
  • SRI Logo.png

    The Strategic Research Institute selects Lawton to speak on investment opportunities in China. 

    Investing in China
  • The Asian Banker logo.png

    The Asian Banker selects Lawton to speak on the potential of the RMB to become a reserve currency. 

    Renminbi as a Reserve Currency



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