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Below are some pictures from Mr. Lawton's adventures around the world during his business travels. Enjoy the trip through memory lane while learning about his past and current friends and colleagues.

Seagate Global Capita, Malaysia management team meets with KPKT

Seagate Global Capital, Malaysia, management team meets with Ministry of Housing and Local Government of Malaysia.

Bill and President Arroyo on a couch chattingtogether

Lawton honored to have met with the 14th president of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Philippines Speaker of the House, Mr. Alvaez, with William Lawton
William Lawton and Chen Yuen at a dinner in China

Speaker of the House of the Philippines Alvarez welcomes Lawton to the Philippines.

Lawton at a dinner in China with his old friend Mr. Chen Yuen and other senior Chinese government officials.

Xu Nian Sha China Poly Group Chairman with William Lawton
Datuk Awang Adek Hussin in DC meetig with William Lawton

Xu Niashan, Chairman of China Poly Group, meeting with his old friend Mr. William Lawton.

Lawton meeting with a previous Malaysian Ambassador to the US in Washington DC, Datuk Awang Adek where he endorsed the Seagate Bumiputera Trade Support Program.

Seagate Malaysia management meeting with MARA
Lawton acting as part President Gloria Business

The Seagate Global Capital, Malaysia, management team meets with government officials from MARA about a supply contract. 

Lawton, the only non-Filipino delegate, with President of the Philippines. 

William Lawton invited to advie Brunei

Lawton invited to advise Brunei. 

Previous Phillipines Vice President Binay wth Laton's international invesment group

Lawton and his international investment group were hosted by Vice President Binary at the Coconut Palace in Manila.

William Lawton with his son, Will Lawton, loading iron ore bound for China from Zambales, Philippines

Lawton VII and Lawton VIII finish the loading of iron ore from Zambales, Philippines to China.  Great working with VIII!

Launching ceremony for Seagate Malaysia's investment in a new Jetty for Bum Bum island

Seagate delivers the Bum Bum Jetty, Semporna, Borneo, Malaysia to the Government of Malaysia.

Rotary Club of Manila speech by William Lawton

Lawton honored to speak at the Rotary Club of Manila. 

Center seat is William Lawton at the Asian Banker Summit 2015

The Asian Banker places Lawton in the center of their panel on financial market infrastructure. 

Lawton Appointment ceremony by Kunming, China
Lawton at TAB Summit speaking at the podium

Ceremony honoring Lawton by the City of Kunming, China.

Lawton, a featured speaker, at the Asian Banker Summit 2015.

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