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Earth Day 2024: On Target to Save 204 Million Trees

Pleased to report we are on our target to save 204 million trees over 10 years recycling boxes in the US.  

Set that goal on Earth Day 2023.  Since then, we have continued monthly recycling operations.

Good. Each ton of boxes recycled saves 17 trees and 3 cubic yards of landfill, as well as lots of water, oil, gas and electricity.

Better, we have made good progress on our plans to get new plants operational this year in San Bernadino, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Equipment is starting to arrive and be installed (see picture, above, San Bernadino plant).

This is the latest new clean technology recycling equipment that has little waste, reducing input by 20%.(1) Since the US recycles only 21% of its boxes and paper per year, finding feedstock that would otherwise be landfilled is not a problem. And long-term off-takers are widely available, all bank guaranteed. All points to low risk.

Each set of equipment (line) will recycle 40,000 tons of boxes per year X 17 trees saved per ton of boxes recycled=680,000 trees/year saved.

Our plan is to install 48 lines throughout the Western US. 48 lines X 680,000 trees saved/line=32,640,000 trees saved per year for 48 lines, times 10 years will save over 320 million trees (gives us a little leeway to get to 204 mm).

For each ton of boxes we recycle per year, the trees and landfill saved conservatively eliminates or captures 2 tons of carbon per year, so each line can issue 80,000 AAA Carbon Offsets(2) per year. With 48 lines operational that will be 3,840,000 AAA Carbon Offsets per year. All US based with qualified third-party verification.

Join us. We still have 38 units out of 48 units of capacity to fund @$1 mm per unit. High interest rate. Fully secured. Bonus AAA Carbon Offsets, enough to make your company carbon neutral for free? Or create new carbon offset products around? Also potential for big consumer company to lock in scarce recycled paper products now. Hit me up, there is a lot to talk about here.

(1) Short Film on New Box Recycling Plant:

(2) AAA Carbon Offsets Explained:

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