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Earth Day 2023: My goal is to save 204 million trees

Used to be depressed by Earth Day. Then I decided to do something about it. I am implementing a plan to save 204,000,000 trees over the next ten years by recycling boxes.

Started Seagate Global Resources (SGR) to expand box and paper recycling in the US. In the process we are saving resources such as trees, reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, and producing high stable returns for investors. SGR is:

  • Expanding US box and paper recycling through its majority owned subsidiary, Harbor Green Recycling.

  • Creating new investment vehicles for investors to participate in recycling.

  • Onshoring new recycling plants to the US rather than shipping trash half-way around the world creating a 20% cost advantage and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Building new recycled paper product plants in the US next to the mulching plants, further rationalizing and decarbonizing the recycling supply chain.

  • Creating new financial products linked to SGR's carbon offsets.

So far, we have recycled over one billion boxes and saved over 8 million trees. Our goal is to save another 204 million trees and other resources over the next 10 years by expanding recycling in the US.

MIT says recycling boxes and paper is one of the most cost-effective things we can do to help fight climate change. Why? Every ton of boxes recycled saves 17 mature trees. Carbon sinks. Tree planting is great, but it takes 10-20 years for new trees to produce the environmental benefits of mature trees. (1)

The best program to help fight climate change according to scientists is to combine tree planting initiatives with tree conservation by expanding box and paper recycling. Immediate impact today by saving trees as the new trees grow. (2)

Here is the impact SGR has produced so far and will produce in the next 10 years:

These are very big numbers from a relatively small investment. There are many more such market opportunities to help fix things.

So don't let Earth Day depress you anymore, as it used to me. The environmental problem can be fixed. We are not all doomed. But we have to increase positive actions, such as expanding recycling boxes and paper, and many other things.

Take up your own mission. Even small things help. Or join us. SGR can accommodate partners in box recycling and new plant investment. Very attractive risk/return profiles in what scientists say is the single most impactful thing we can do to arrest climate change. Not sexy. No new technology. Just simple common sense on how to make things better. Take the paper waste we produce and recycle it instead of cutting down virgin forests for paper. Then move the processing plants back to the US to further decarbonize recycling to make the economy more sustainable.

Contact me and see how we can work together and make the world just a little better.

Visit SGR's website for more information:

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